The Secret Lives of Missionary Kids


Missionary Kids and Third Culture Kids often have lives no one knows about. On this episode, the missionary kids talk about what happened on the mission field and how their parent's calling made their lives equal parts amazing and sometimes traumatic. 

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00:01:24 - Introduction
00:02:52 - What is a Third Culture Kid?
00:04:38 - Hannah Paasch: Life as a MK
00:10:37 - Audience Contributors: Part 1
00:13:57 - Hannah Paasch: How Being an MK Affected Adulthood
00:21:54 - Audience Contributors: Part 2
00:25:19 - Danica Newton: Life as a MK
00:36:16 - Hannah Paasch: Reflections of Instability
00:44:48 - Danica Newton: Thoughts on Parenting as Missionaries
00:52:20 - Audience Contributors: Part 3
00:54:57 - Hannah Paasch: Thoughts on Recovery
01:01:50 - Danica Newton: Thoughts on Recovery
01:04:07 - Millenneagram Missionary Kids

Host: Corey Pigg
Outreach Leaders: Hannah Paasch | Danica Newtown
Contributors: Various Listeners of the Show

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1. Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by Ruth E. Van Reken

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